Fan Art for the Hollow Planet

Fan Art for The Hollow Planet

This is by a fan called Lisa who has a blog she runs which features her erotic art. These are drawings of Danny Husk with some giant women. What giant women you say? The giant women in The Hollow Planet I respond which you would know about if you’d read the book. I’m just saying that the link to buy it at Amazon is just to the right of the posting so it can’t be laziness that has stopped you from purchasing it so it must be that you’ve just forgotten.
I would put in a link to Lisa’s blog but I can’t figure out how to do it at the moment. I used to know how to do it but I haven’t posted a link in so long I have forgotten how so until I do, this is the address. Oh, you darn internet with all your different ways of behaving, why cant there just be one way.

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New Kyle Morton Pic

This is a new drawing by the very talented artist who drew ‘Hollow Planet.’

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Danny at Comic Con:Part One and Two

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A Blast from the Polaroid Past

This is a picture of my friend, Shelly Mars, and myself having fun the old fashioned way. Mock buttfucking and scrawling stupid captions on Polaroids. Try doing that with a jpeg.

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Kids Fan Art

This is a really cool drawing of us by a guy named Ben Emmett.

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The Queen’s Co k

The greatest thing to hit hermaphroditism since the strap-on.

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Charlie Sheen Strafes My World

This might be the greatest radio broadcast since the KIngs Speech.

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Sarah Cole

I know that this monologue has been posted before in Funny or Die but frankly it died there. It deserves another chance. Me and my friend Robin made this piece when we were doing the last tour. It’s the last Buddy Cole piece that I’ve done, it’s got Wendy our costume designer in an uncredited cameo and a nude appearance by Kevin. What more do you want?

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Check out the hot Levy Brothers and their testosterrific new web series ‘Masculathon.’ It’s got beards, boys and Bellini and it’s all FREE!!!!! What are you waiting for?

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Atomic Mike

I’m off to Comic Con in Miami tomorrow to pound the drums of The Hollow Planet from Frozen Beach Productions, my publisher and the home of Atomic Mike which can be reached via this link.

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